Scrub MIDI in Key Editor?

I am starting to use Cubase 7.5 for MIDI composition. I need to know how to scrub a MIDI track in the Key Editor window. I can use “acoustic feedback” to hear one selected note, but to hear what I’m doing I really need to hear ALL the notes at a particular time location on the track, for example a 3-note chord, to adjust the notes in relation to each other, it’s the only way to hear what I’m doing while I’m doing it. Thanks. – Cal


If you are on PC, hold down CTRL key while clicking 1 of the chord notes.
If you are on Mac, use the CMD key.

Hope this helped !


I never knew that! A big “thank you” :slight_smile:

This is a sore subject with me. Cubase doesn’t provide midi scrubbing in the key editor.

Yes, vanhaze3000’s suggestion does allow users to hear notes played at the same time (chords). But what midi scrubbing should provide is hearing midi events by wiping the mouse using a modifier key and no matter whether single notes, chords or anything else you get immediate audio feedback. As sophisticated as Cubase is, if you play a chord where the notes aren’t hard quantized you’ll hear one note at a time. That ain’t scrubbing.
Imagine being able to quickly scrub notes to re-voice or build harmonies.
Anyone remember Opcode’s Studio Vision?
You can try the scrubbing feature in the “in place” editor but I’ve never been able to successfully use this feature. Notes don’t sound on “note - on”. Very frustrating.

Yes. This was really, really great. Very intuitive, very few surprises. It followed a logic that was consistent and predictable.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Interestingly I am migrating from Opcode which I bought in the late 1990s (I must be about the last person in the world who was using it). – Cal

But you can scrub MIDI in the Edit-in-Place editor in the project window.

May i ask how to do that ?



Open an In-Place editor in the Project view, select the Scrub tool (it’s within the play tool) and scrub away.

Many Thanx !

I do remember and miss so much Studio Vision. So much to revive this old thread. I had a great workflow in Vision (only the midi part, stop making music in computers before digital audio “Studio” Vision). Then after many years I came back to computer music and found myself lost between so many evolved DAWs. I started trying them looking for the one most similar to Vision: Digital Performer, Logic (I used to call it Ilogic), Pro Tools… nothing close. Then I tried Cubase 7 and although not similar, it seamed to me the more intuitive of them. I’d been in Cubase for two years, always looking and trying to “Visionize” it the most (at least the functions that made my workflow so fast in Vision). With many research I got to replicate many functions, but one that I missed and need very much is the midi “scrubb” thing. I found, as other people here say, the “play” tool that scrub midi and audio in the Project Window, but in the Key Editor that tool is not available. I can see that I’ll still be missing Vision… indefinitely. BTW, I’m now in Cubase 8, soon upgrading to 9. OSX Mavericks soon upgrading to El Capitan… and still searching.

Studio Vision was the best. I loved it. Then Gibson killed it, just like they tried to kill Sonar. Horrid.