Scrub midi?

Is this not a thing?

I can select a single note and it plays but if I select a couple they don’t play? Seems like that would be the expected behavior?
I know I can scrub in the in-place editor but that requires moving the mouse around back and forth and you can’t just click on a block of chords to play them.
Seem more like an oversight that I can select one note and it plays but selecting a few doesn’t?

Earliest mentions of scrub are from back in 2011 and still this hasn’t been implemented?
at least play multiple notes at once when they’re selected like single notes are Steinberg!

In the Key (piano roll) Editor, holding down ctrl/cmd while clicking on any note in a chord, will play all the notes in the chord.

In the Project view, you can scrub a single track with the play/scrub tool btw, no need to open the in-place editor.

  1. Holding down ctrl/cmd only seems to work if the notes are the same length. Ctrl/cmd clicking this G1 for example won’t play the whole chord.

  2. Scrubbing “works” but really it’s not as efficient if you’re working in lower zone and have to go up to project view just to move your mouse over the area.

A simple selection and playing what’s selected is the obvious answer. Anything else is a “work-around” or complicated way of doing something that should be as simple as selecting the notes you want to play. Ableton does something similar. Cubase does it when you select one note, but for some reason doesn’t when more than one is selected?

I’m not saying your FR isn’t needed, or giving you a workaround. I just wanted to make sure you can use existing functionality. I would like to see better functions in this regard too.

Cubase detects if notes are part of a chord based on the start times, not length, by the way.

Yeah that makes sense i guess… just seems a little odd they didn’t include the ability to play multiple notes when one note works just fine ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah, I hear that. What I do find to be a tolerable compromise is using the Transport commands, ‘Play From Selection Start’ and ‘Play Selection’. I’ve found it easy to develop muscle memory with them while writing and doing a ton of back-and-forth whether in the editors or in the Project view.

I was also looking for this feature in Cubase. Ableton has it and it’s very useful.