SCRUB NOT WORKING . Freezes up immediately .

I have been working with Cubase 10.5, I upgraded to Cubase 11 a couple of days ago .

I was using scrub to zero in on location of elusive clicks and pops on some tracks . It was working fine in CUBASE 10.5, and then it suddenly stopped working . Freezes up the cursor, and won’t move a at all . (i.e. I open it, proceed to position to scrub on a small portion of an Audio Edit (2-5 second piece), and the cursor FREEZES! Won’t Move right or left >>> I was hoping Cubase 11 would resolve this problem, But the cursor is still Frozen when I attempt to use it in Cubase 11 . (I didn’t report it YET to Tech Support, as I already have a few issues sitting in their queue"

Anybody have any ideas what’s preventing it from moving? .

I’ve read where SCRUB can be CPU demanding, but I check my CPU usage while engaged and I’ve got plenty of idle CPU’s and my RAM is only 1/2 being utilized . Anybody else having this problem and know of a solution? Do I need to increase a buffer or something like that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated . thank you!

It’s just one of those things that one has to deal with . So there is a FREEZE, It’s something we all deal with . Why are you scrubbing? … don’t be so critical and just accept a slight anomaly over all the cool stuff Cubase does. No doubt the engineers are aware of this and would have fixed it if possible . cheers!


Talk about biting yourself in the arse! :smiley: