Scrub playback - brilliant.. just one more thing

Scrub playback really is excellent. A great proof-reading tool.

Now that the 5.0.10 update allows us to scrub over a selection… I’ve assigned a key command to Toggle Scrubbing Playback… but what I’ve just noticed is that when using this, a selection has to be material from more than one instrument… in other words, if you want just one instrument, then you need to use the alt-spacebar method. This seems unintuitive; the procedure should be the same for one stave or multiple staves. This is especially relevant where the instrument has divisi staves, because I might want to hear multiple stave for that one instrument; currently, if I select material in just that one instrument (including multiple divisi staves), and hit the toggle, it plays back all the score’s staves, not just the selected ones.


It felt to me like it would be annoying if you happened to have e.g. one note selected and then when you start scrubbing, you only hear that instrument, so I decided to make it such that you had to have something selected in two or more instruments. But I’d be interested to hear feedback from others on this point.

For what it’s worth, my reflex - when wanting to audition something in a single instrument - is not to spend extra effort on finding a single starting note to target, but just click an empty area anywhere in the bar so that the whole bar is selected; it’s much faster. At which point it becomes a ‘selection’, and to my mind, should behave the same way as any other selection for scrubbing purposes.

However, I take your point that if you want to scrub the whole score, then you need to click on a starting note somewhere (like you would if using normal playback). But surely the scrubbing mechanism should ideally mirror what happens in normal playback mode, i.e. if only one note is selected, then scrub the whole score, but if a passage is selected - even if only in one instrument - scrub only that.

But yes, interested to hear what others think!

I think this is a very reasonable approach as it works exactly like the logic for regular playback. Select one note in one staff, you get the whole score, select multiple notes in one staff, you get only this instrument.
I would prefer to keep the logic the same for playback and scrub playback.