Scrub Playback in Dorico?

Hi there Dorico team,

I think this already has been a subject on the topic and on the facebook page, but I was wondering if there’s any perspective on taking the ‘scrub playback’ feature to Dorico in the future? I used to scrub playback chords/voicings when I used Finale in the past… It’s probably the only thing I miss in my workflow, and I think it could be a real timesaver. Besides that I think Dorico is still the best thing that happened for notation software the last years!
The playback of selected notes in different stems is already really fast, and yes, that’s a good alternative for checking specific voicings without having to playback the whole thing. But since that’s already working really smooth, it looks to me like the software could be already capable of handeling a ‘scrub’ option, to rapidly check selected passages.

I would love to hear your idea about this, and you think if it’s worth and possible implementing it in any of the future patches.

Kind regards!

Often requested. Not yet implemented, but they agree it would be useful.
Do a search for scrub #dorico @dspreadbury to see Daniel’s responses.

This would be one of the top 5 FAQ’s on this forum. It’s a good idea to search the forum for posts on the topic to avoid repetition - it’s actually a forum Guideline. I’m not a moderator, but it’s worth search so you can find out Steinberg’s position on this.

I believe it is on their feature request list which is approaching an uncountable infinity in length. :slight_smile:


Amusingly at exactly the same time @Mark_Johnson and I posted the idea of doing a search. The good point this topic raises is that the Discourse forum (which is this platform) has very powerful and capable search available.

Thank you for explaining to me how searching works, I didn’t know that! I also didn’t know that there was such thing as a forum police, but also thank you for letting me know!!

Now without joking around…
I understand it’s a popular subject, and I saw it popping up some times, but imo it’s good to let the developers know that there’s people requesting it, and I am really interested in the opinion of the team about it, and also the posibilities within the software as it is programmed now. I couldn’t find any specific plans for it and that’s why I opened this new topic. Maybe there’s some new info about it, I’m just asking for an update on it, sorry to bother you with it.

Also the last things I can find about it is a while ago…

Daniel and the Team keep their own list of priorities for features and improvements. Sometimes Daniel will say they are currently working on an idea; in the absence of that, we can assume it is further down their list. But it’s still there, even if the last comment was 5 years ago.

I realize that this was partly tongue-in-cheek, but not just the Dorico Team, but a number of other forum members try t o read every post on the forum, and what keeps this forum the courteous and enjoyable place it is are the guidelines Daniel has posted.

So I hope you (and others) will see reminders of those guidelines in the spirit in which they are offered, as a way to keep topics together (no reason not to append your support for an existing post once you find it), to save everyone a little time, and to make the forum as pleasant and efficient as possible.

@robinrombouts don’t say sorry, and I am not the police! It’s just that this one really is a big frequent request. There’s no police, but there are guidelines. I run a few Discourse servers and my observation is that it is impossible to get users to read guidelines. Such is life!

The guidelines are the standard Discourse boilerplate, nothing specific to Dorico.
Guidelines - Steinberg Forums

You can find the link under the hamburger menu next to your user account icon.

Usually the response from Dorico when bumping feature requests is: yes, we know, thanks, one day… i am guilty of the same thing myself.

Actually it’s getting quite difficult to come up with totally original feature requests now. :slight_smile:

I know you meant it in jest, but we have huge threads about thisall the time. Here are the first few results when you search the term ‘scrub’:

As you can see, these discussions have gone back to at least 2016. (This is not a knock on the dev. team, just so we are clear. Just to say that showing up here literally years later and saying, “how about scrubbing, eh?” is a little silly.)

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