Scrub Tool

New to N8. Using it editing dialog and ADR on a film. Live in the SCRUB TOOL all day, as I do in Protools. Question; why does the SCRUB TOOL play at a lower volume compared to pushing the space bar for standard playback? Thx.

OK, this always been very weird but…

Open up the Pool window. In the upper left hand corner there is a play icon. To the right of that is a Loop icon. To the right of that is a small arrow. Click and hold that arrow and it will become a fader. This will control the level of your scrubbing. Don’t ask why.

It also controls the level of playback on the Pool page as well.

Preferences Transport SCRUB. select use Inserts while scrubbing if you want to maintain also relative volumes of FX’s applied

Thank you all for the guidance on this scrub issue!!!