scrubbing audio tracks

Scrubbing MIDI tracks works for me, but scrubbing audio tracks does NOT work! No sound comes out. What am I doing wrong?

My car won’ t start anymore - what is the problem?
Your problem is a wrong setting somewhere (probably)

I think I am doing what I am supposed to do according to the manual: I choose the play tool and I keep the mouse pressed down while moving the cursor over the range of the selection. On MIDI tracks I hear the sound of the selection according to the position of the mouse, on audio tracks I do not. Is there a preference or an action I need to do to hear the sound?

And what software are you using? What device is your MIDI track triggering?

My system is Cubase 9 pro, running on windows 10. All sound comes in and out of the system by the device Focusrite 2i 2.

And what Instrument / device is the MIDiI track triggering? Control room activated? If so make sure, it is connected correctly. Also make sure “preview via phones channel” (or something like that) is not activated in preferences.

The setup is very simple: All tracks (MIDI and audio) are routed to “Stereo out” which again is routed in the device and VST setup to the Focusrite. All MIDI is inside the computer (Halion), my MIDI keyboard is an M-Audio Keystation with no sounds.