Hi Daniel, this is a feature SOOOOO many people here in South Africa has asked me when I tried to convert them from Finale to Sibelius. In Finale, one can hover your mouse pointer over a note in the score, and by pressing a certain key, the entire verticle chord throughout the score is heard sustained…sort of an audition/scrubbing function. Finale use LOVE this feature and I could just never convince AVID to implement it. This is a huge “selling” feature when I try to convert Finale users.

Do you foresee something like that in Dorico, seeing that DAW’s can do it and Dorico and Cubase are brothers?

We do plan to include this feature at some point, Hans, but I don’t know whether it will be included in the very first version.

Fantastic! I don’t think it will be difficult to program/code.

The workings of this feature request can be viewed here (watch the video):

Has this been implemented? I agree this amazingly simple feature is a huge deterrent not to leave finale. It allows one to focus on a single moment in time without the other distractions of playback…thanks

How close an equivalent to what you want is this:

  1. Select a note
  2. Press P to start playing
  3. Press Spacebar to stop… maybe even as soon as two or three notes later
  4. Press SHIFT + Spacebar to repeat from the note/position which you selected at 1 and played from at 2
  5. Repeat steps 3,4 at will

In Dorico 1.10.2 there are further refinements as to which staffs play during this process… see ‘Choosing what to play back’.

Or are you looking for something quicker, automatic or more focused still?

I use this function (to hear from a selected note) the same way Mark described it.
It works very well for me. I don´t know Finale by the way.
But the difference between Finale and Dorico like Hans described Finale means only one click more in Dorico - Selecting a note by clicking and then hitting P.
But Dorico has implemented very useful combinations of playback.
You can select notes in the instruments you want to hear (in full score) and then pressing P you hear only the selected ones - very clever and useful solution in Dorico i think. I use it every day.
You can select different notes with SHIFT for adjacent instruments in full score or STRG for non-contiguous ones - the same functionality like in the windows explorer for example to select files. So it´s an established solution.
If you want to hear one instument in full score you select at least two notes in the staff and then you can hear only that instrument in playback.
Well done Dorico Team !

In Finale you can use alt-space to literally scrub the mouse over the score, forwards or backwards.
Shift-alt-space does the same for the single stave that you mouse over.


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:shushing_face: shhh

Of all the features I use in Sibelius, scrubbing is right up there with note entry.

Sure there is select staves and P, stop, replay. But it’s not as effective as the left and right bracket on Sibelius. I can toggle back and forth, step through at my OWN PACE (not current tempo which P gives me - this is a BIG thing) so I can find issues in even fast passages with lots of cross-rhythms going on. Play is NOT the same, and is nowhere near as useful.


I agree with this feature. One of the few things I really miss from Finale


Fine. So revert to Finale, if this feature is important.

This is a feature I have never used, so have never missed.

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Just because a feature isn’t important to you personally doesn’t mean that we should discount its importance to other users!

Scrub playback, or at least the ability to step through the score and hear all of the notes sounding at a particular point, is certainly a useful and desirable feature that I am sure will find its way into a future version of Dorico.


I agree with Daniel here. I not infrequently slow the playback tempo as a workaround but the control scrubbing gives the user is potentially very helpful. I used it in Cubase in particular a good deal in the past.

Scrubbing is extremely important, it is not just “a helping feature”. It is a way to check and also enjoy your working flow! And it is vital when you don’t have your instrument or keyboard at hand. So yes please, it must be implemented soon. Trying to switch from Finale I am really missing it.
Also, scrubbing all voices, or just a single voice would be handy


Hi Daniel, searching for this news in Dorico I discover this reply. I hope that this feature will be in your roadmap for next release. I think that in Dorico could be a way better.
Many greetings :wink:

(How) would scrubbing work with Noteperformer? Does it work with Noteperformer in Finale?

Scrubbing does not depend on the VST; it depends on the program.

… Trying to switch from Finale…

Its okay, I think its a form of Stockholm syndrome. Your body and mind will recover in time. Want a glass of water?

But what is with the 1 second delay that is inherent with Noteperformer? I can’t imagine working that way