SD card to store Cubasis 3 files

Hi everybody,
I would need to save Cubasis 3 files and folders on the SD card I have in my Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and manage my files from there.
I moved the Cubasis folders from internal memory to the SD card but when I restarted Cubasis, it recreated the factory directory only, without my folders.
Is it possible for Cubasis 3 to manage folders and files in the SD card?
If yes, can you tell me how?
Thanx in advance and best regards


Hi @Massimiliano_Bolis,

Normally, external drives and storage can be used only to import/export files.

Hope that helps,

I understood, even if it doesn’t help so much, due to the limited size of internal memory of mobile devices.
Please take into account, for next releases, to allow Cubasis 3 to read and manage folders and files located in SD card, in particular in Android version of the Daw.
Thank you and best regards

Hi @Massimiliano_Bolis,

Thanks for your message.
I doubt this will be possible technically unfortunately.


I am not a technician and maybe I’m wrong, but logically it shouldn’t be so difficult to add a file manager to Cubasis 3, like in any other, simple, app, to load and save projects and files to the memory units available to the device.
Anyway, thanks for your reply.