SD3 Crashes Cubase In Grid Editor Mode

Superior Drummer 3 has been crashing Cubase for at least the last year when SD3 is in Grid Editor mode. The first sign of an impending crash is that the project window stops scrolling intermittently almost like hiccups. Then Cubase freezes but the audio keeps playing. I have to Cntrl+Alt+Delete to stop Cubase. I originally thought it might be a video card issue but now I don’t believe that is the case. Very frustrating!
Any help?


Could you share the DMP file, please?

Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

I have a similar issue. When audio is playing and SD3’s grid editor is open, the entire GUI freezes when I scroll anywhere. If I click the Cubase application in the taskbar to minimize Cubase, it unfreezes and everything is back to normal. This will happen until I close grid editor while playing audio.

I work with SD3 a lot since it came on the market, grooves, grid editor, triggering, and do not have any problems with it in any Cubase version.
There is also a new update, maybe they fixed something.

Anybody found a solution to this problem ?