SDA only with Cubase 12 - no need for dongle but still e-licenser installs

So on my laptop, I decided I won’t use my dongle anymore. I have a clean setup on Windows 11 with Cubase 12 and only the programs that are not in the need of the old dongle.

Yet, every time I start Steinberg Download Assistant I must install the licenser if it is not installed. on my laptop. So why is it like that? Shouldn’t that rather be done if I install a program that would need the dongle?

This makes no sense to me

I know. It’s a pain.

Not only did I uninstall the eLicencer app I also uninstalled the SDA. If I need to download something I get from here - Cubase Pro 12 Downloads | Steinberg

ah, I thought SDA was a must. Nice to know. As of now, I think SDA is just a mess

SDA had to be used when upgrading from C11 to C12 to enter the code, but once that was done I uninstalled it.

At least it would be nice if SDA asked, or there was a preference, to re-install the eLicencer app each time it is launched.

A large number of our customers still require eLicenser Control Center so we still install it as a default component.

I’d imagine this policy may change over time as more of our product lines transition across to Steinberg Licensing and we offer more ways to “lose the dongle”.

But a caveat - if the eLicenser Control Center is not installed, the Hub News section is blank. Why is the Hub dependent on the eLicenser Control Center being installed?

Another benefit of uninstalling the eLicenser Control Center is that C12 loads a bit quicker.