SDA want to update HSO repeatedly

Every time I start Steinberg Download Assistant, it tells be there’s an update available for HALion Symphonic Orchestra, despite this update having been installed previously. The update appears under VST Sounds, and is only 13.51 MB in size.

No matter how often I click “Install” (which says it succeeds), the next time I start SDA, it will want to install the same update again.

If I choose to only download, then open folder, no new file has been created in that folder.

Is anyone else having this issue?

I’ve seen a similar thing – with Mediabay instead. So I uninstalled it using the Programs and Features control panel, and then when I ran the SDA it updated once more. After that it didn’t try to install it.

So along those lines what happens if you unregister it from the Library, and then re-register it by opening one of its .vstsound files?

Re-registering it alone didn’t help. The solution turned out to be to move everything into the same VSTSounds folder as everything else. For some reason I had installed HSO in a sub-folder.

It seems the update was a presets file “FCP_SMT_027_HSO_Presets_01.vstsound”, and even though it was being correctly updated while in the subfolder, SDA was detecting an older version of the file in the main VSTSounds folder. When I moved the files using the Library Manager, it warned of overwriting the older file of the same name, but once I did that, SDA no longer offered the update.

Problem solved, and note to self: keep it simple, and just put all the content into a single locaton!