SDA wants permission to monitor input from my keyboard - why?

I’m setting up a new computer. SDA seems to want permission to key log. Why?

You’ll see this prompt on macOS 10.15 Catalina when running any application that uses JavaFX technology, which Steinberg Download Assistant does. It doesn’t really log your keystrokes, of course, but due to the granularity of the security settings in Catalina this is what it ends up having to ask you in order that it can accept any kind of keyboard input at all. As I understand it, there’s no way around this prompt, but the SDA team are working on adding some additional text to the warning message to explain what is going on.

Thanks for the explanation, Daniel. I can see very few uses for keyboard input within SDA (and those that I can see work fine, despite my having denied permission), but if JavaFX is the problem then I guess not much can be done about it.