SDK 3.7.7 & VSTGUI4.12 VU Meters&Fader don't show up

I found from where the issue is coming !
If I use this so my bitmap is not showing up

  1. The png file is a fader,
  2. Height-of-one-image : 275
  3. Sub-pixmaps: 101

But this will work:

  1. The png file is a fader,
  2. Height-of-one-image : 275
  3. Sub-pix maps: 20
    I never had this issue before so I’m happy to figure out the issue but I’m not sure why it works so far on Mac not on Windows?
    any idea?

My bitmaps numbers were too big.

Just wanted to tag this - there was no issue with the ASPiK GUI or VSTGUI4 implementation inside of ASPiK so nothing has been updated as there was nothing to fix.

In case anyone is curious:

  • I used the VST3Editor object included with VSTGUI4 as the template for designing the ASPiK C++ parameter binding object (named PluginGUI) that connects the GUI and processing core in a safe manner.
  • The mechanism for instantiating the GUI is 100% VSTGUI4, using its methods and class factories, in the same way a GUI is rendered in the VST3 SDK - there are no intermediate objects or hacks to make it work. I am still using the XML file as the input to store the GUI (or multiple GUIs if needed).
  • There is zero hacking of any underlying VSTGUI4 files or objects - this is all hands-off and this base code is strictly never touched. The users might hack local copies (which did not happen in this case) but it is never delivered that way.
  • There are a handful of C++ view extension objects for my subclasses of CKickButton, CXYPad and a few others, including CVuMeter - which allows you to use a filmstrip like the CAnimKnob for creating analog meters or any other custom meter.


One last item - Jan has helped me many times in the past on ASPiK as well as other software development issues. My above post was not meant to be negative in any way towards Jan. I mainly wanted to let people know about the VSTGUI4 implementation in ASPiK and that it is extremely “clean” with respect to no-hacking and no band-aid objects. Thats all - Will

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