SDK Update / Tango [SOLVED]


Can you please give us an update on what progress there has been on the SDK and SmartAv Tango compatibility, as I can not update to N6 until this is resolved?

Apparently SmartAV can do nothing until Steinberg provide them with an SDK update.



A big +1 from me


Hello Chris,

the note that SmartAV cannot do something is not entirely true. We do not have to update the Remote SDK. The changes have to be made within the SmartAV firmware, which means the new features in Nuendo 6 need to be included. However, we’re currently checking if we can provide some more information about those changes, so that they can make the additional features available more easily.


Thanks for the reply. Can you say how soon you will be able to let SmartAV know what all the changes are? - I would have thought it would have been a very high priority to make developers aware of all the changes as soon as Nuendo-6 was released. As long as developers are kept in the dark, Steinberg ends up with a bunch of users who can not provide more income by upgrading to the latest version.


Hi Timo,

On 25th April you said this:

"we’re currently working on an update of our Remote SDK, which Smart AV requires to update
the Tango controller. Internal tracking number is R-6391. This topic will be moved to the
Collected Issues forum very soon.

We’ll keep you informed on the status."

One comment states that you do have to update the SDK and the other says you do not have to update it!

What is actually going on here?


you are right, my comment has been ambiguous. After the detailled analysis (after my post), there is basically nothing to change in real code, but the SDK documentation regarding the chances made primarily in the mixing console of Nuendo 6. Over the past months, we have provided two further maintenance updates that have - again - included changes, based on user requests. Any third party is able to adopt these changes to their respective product. Of course, it’s more comfortable for them (and requires less ressources), if we introduce all changes to them. We have started putting some Information together, but it will take resources and time to complete the information.

In the meantime, any 3rd Party using remote SDK is able to update the connection to Nuendo 6, it just means some
efforts are needed. Anyway, we will do our best to help where we can to speed up the process and will keep you informed about the status.

Again, I’m sorry about the confusion.


What a revolutionary idea - to actually let the developers know what the changes are!

This should be a priority, not an after-thought. It’s how to win friends and influence people!

Do this as a matter of urgency and you will get happy developers, happy users, less stress and MORE MONEY!

Fenderchris is right and you know he is. You should handle this properly. John.


Hi Timo,

My N6 trial period is running out and it is now three weeks since you last posted here. Has a list now been compiled of the changes in N6 that effect the SDK, or are the programmers still trying to work out what they have done?

This lack of action is really getting annoying.

Making things difficult for other control surfaces to work with Nuendo will never make me buy Nuage or any other piece of Steinberg related hardware again - I’d rather change to another DAW if there is reluctance within SB to assist third party developers.

So, could we have an answer please Timo?

Any news on sdk update??

Thanks in advance.


If Timo does not want to reply, could somebody else from Steinberg please comment on what progress has been made in supplying third-party developers with details of the SDK changes in Nuendo-6.

With no comment from Steinberg we can only assume that absolutely nothing has been done and there is no intention of doing anything.

Great public relations!

I have PM’d Timo 3 times on this subject since June, and have not had as much as an acknowledgement!

We are still using 5.5.6 and can’t move forward, as the N6 new features are not available in the remote SDK. I have spoken with the SmartAV team, and have been assured that they can’t implement the new features in N6 without Steinberg’s help. Would someone from Steinberg please clarify the position on this so that we (the customers) can make informed decisions regarding which tools to use to get the job done.

Many thanks

So Timo, what progress has been made?

How can you expect us to upgrade to Nuendo-6 if it will not function correctly with SmartAV Tango?

Why is this issue being ignored by Steinberg?

It is interesting to note that Timo is responding to other posts made at much the same time as posts here, but that he appears to be ignoring this thread!

I just discovered this thread…and I’m confused.
I was about to change all my setup ( 3 DAW station) equiped with SSL matrix and nucleus, and was thinking to buy 3 nuendo licences (the better for my job) and selling all my SSL hardware I don’t want anymore, and then buy a tango (I tested it with V5 and I love this mixer), but…
What can I do?
I won’t buy any licence until nuendo doesn’t work with tango…for sure…and I won’t buy nuage for sure too…
Please Steinberg, give me good news…

Welcome to the forum - I hope you like being ignored!

The Tango and Nuendo-5 do work very well together, but not Tango and Nuendo-6 and we do not seem to be getting anywhere.

Without any current comments from Steinberg we don’t know if they are helping SmartAV with this or whether they are deliberately not helping them in the hope that we will all go and buy Nuage (not going to happen!).

I have just asked Niko at SmartAV for an update on what is going on (if anything) so will post here when I get a reply.