Sea of Sadness

So strange… Just reinstalled Cubase Pro 10.5 on my brand new laptop and as on my old laptop, the Padshop Pro patch called Sea of Sadness produce no sound at all which leads me into a sea of sadness… :cry:

Hi Joss_Scarlatti,

just checked it (in C11):
exactly as you described it: everything seems to be there and pre-configured, but no sound. Strange… could this be an error with the basic sound’s initialization?

So I’ve tried this repair workaround:

  • Step (1) -
    Make a screenshot of the loaded patch, keep it open for comparison

  • Step (2) -
    Can you see that little triangle on the upper right hand? Click it and choose “Init Layer A”

  • Step (3) -
    Carefully reconfigure all of the now empty settings (fader positions, knobs adjustments, parameters) by using everything that you can see in your screenshot. Some edits are minuscule, so you may want to look carefully, especially the “Random” adjustment / top knob right next to the graphical representation of the sound wave should only be at a few percent (I used 5%).

  • Step (4)
    Save the edited patch, perhaps as something like “Sea of Sadness (Repair)”

There you go… now you can have your “Sea of Sadness” back!


Attachment: all directly visible parameters of the patch, as mentioned above:

Thank you Markus! Sea of Sadness has become a Sea of Joy, thanks to you! Very clever workaround!

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Hi Joss_Scarlatti,

many thanks for your positive feedback!
Working with Padshop is indeed a great way to get happier…so let’s enjoy the ride!