Search focus in Properties with alt-8 seems to be broken

I just got an answer from John Barron on the FB-page that alt-8 (Properties with search focus) seems to be broken in the latest version.

Link to the FB-post

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Yes, I do know about this. The Properties toolbar has been reimplemented in the newer UI framework that we are in the process of transitioning towards, and unfortunately it is not currently possible to get this to work as it did before. We hope that, as we continue to move towards using only the newer UI framework rather than a mixture as we are at present, we will be able to address this in future.

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In earlier versions it was possible ta access the search box in the Properties with the shortcut alt-8, but that seems to be broken in 4.2. Has the shortcut being changed, removed or just lost?

Posted a question in the fb-group too.

This hasn’t changed since the last time you asked the question, here.