Search for Marker Description

When I’m in a big project with dozens and dozens of markers, I’d like to search for one with a search field. Yet I’ve looked for this in vain. Is it possible to search for markers in the marker window? Or in the arrange window?

Or don’t you search for markers? I see you can filter by any column name, but it’s useless for description or for dialog lines. What if you’re looking for the position of a specific dialog line. How do you do that?

No not really… Not in the marker window (and that would be welcome for sure). But as with many things Nuendo, you can often accomplish it more or less in another way, but in this case not in a slick way…

So well you CAN create a PLE to use as a marker description search/select:
Skärmavbild 2016-06-16 kl. 15.46.55.png
hello is your search word. But it is no way a proper search, but from time to time it is useful if you know the description and have to find it fast.

But then I am so used to just sort and filter the markers that I can find any marker pretty fast anyway, but I do see the use of being able to search in the marker window.

I see, I’ll try it and see how practical it is. Thanks!