Search for parts of a track in cubase

Hi, I would like to know if this function exists in Cubase.
I created a single track on Cubase, within this track I recorded 100 small parts in midi without joining them.

I renamed the name of every single part.

Now I would like to search for the name of only 1 renamed part.

To be clear, it is as if inside a folder I wanted to search only for a document using the search function.

I hope I was clear, I attached an image

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Yes, you can do so by using Project Logical Editor.

Filter Target
( Container Type is | Equal | Part | And
Media Type is | Equal | MIDI | And
Name | Equal | -yourMIDIPartName- )

Action Target


Hi Martin,
Thank you so much, the solution was perfectly what I was looking for!!!