Search function in help menu?


When starting Cubase, I was greeted by the “Hub” which linked me to an introductory video. In this video, the narrator shows off a search function in the help menu that shows where a certain function is located within the menus. This is genius and will save loads of time for newcomers (or returning users like me).

However, this search function does not appear for me. I’ve attached two images, one is a screenshot of the video and another is a screenshot of how the help menu looks for me.

Where is this search function that he showed off in the video?

Interesting… I never seen that in my Cubase software.

As far as I know clicking on that “Cubase Help” button brings you to the online help area. There you can look and choose which version (on line or pdf) manual you want to look at. Each has a search function. None look or work like what I saw in that video. Good luck.

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Are you on a mac? OSX does that for all applications. I don’t believe it is a function of Cubase, so if it isn’t working, it’s probably a system issue.

The OP is on PC, as displayed in the pic he uploaded. In Windows there is no such menu. It is extremely handy, but it (as has been said) is provided by Mac OS, not Cubase.

Hmm, for some reason I can only see one pic in his post and it’s the video cap. Can’t scroll the attachment window in ios.

He combined the two shots- so yeah, it’s on the far right of the image.

Fancy that. Always some new hidden feature to learn. :wink: