Search withing the File menu on windows

I just had a screen sharing session with a Cubase user on a Hackintosh.
Under Help in the file menu he was able to search within Cubase - to find all the functionalities of the program quickly.
This is not possible for me, is it hidden in a different place, or does it just have to do with macOS?
I’m running Cubase 10 on Windows 10.
I searched for third party software to do the job, but I don’t know exactly what to search for. It seems it’s easy to be mislead by google.

Any suggestions? Other that knowing the program inside out… It will come, but the search functionality would speed up the process for sure!

Clicking [Help > Cubase Help] should direct your browser to the Steinberg Help site.
Of course you could also search the pdf manual on your machine.

Yes, but I dont want to go to the website :slight_smile: I want to be directly redirected in the menu as on a Mac - this is a really useful feature, I would say.
Does anybody know any workarounds - third party aaplications for instance?

This is a thread I found in a different forum and it is excactly what I would need.
But really, it is not possible?