Searching by name = dropped keystrokes!!

I LOVE the searching capabilities of cubase and use them everyday, be it quickly navigating to tracks or plugins. However there is an issue I’ve always had when using the search features for plugins; when I start to type a search it will drop keystrokes!

For example lets say I was searching for a compressor plugin. So I open my insert and begin typing c-o-m-p-r-e-s (and I watch as my list gets smaller) but when I hit the “r-e-s” I look and see that the “r” is missing. So I start over and this time as I type I notice that the “m” didn’t register, etc, etc.

It seems that as the list is updating as I type each letter. If I type really slowly and wait painfully for the list update after each keystroke it works fine, and if I’m able to type really fast and get about 5-6 characters in before it updates it logs all my letters correctly, however if I type normal speed it will start to update the list while I’m typing and I loose keystrokes. This happens all the time and is getting very frustrating!

Any idea how to fix this issue? Or do I need to submit a bug report?

I’ve had this happen with a wireless keyboard.

Sometimes the battery is dying.
Or the receiver is out of range.

I had a brand new Mouse die on me one time.


Its not the keyboard (hard wired directly into mac, works fine when typing outside of cubase or adding track names etc). Its when the plugin list is updating while I’m still typing that I loose my keystrokes.

Anyone have this issue or have ideas on how to fix it?

I experience this every now and then, and it’s sort of irritating. I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about it, except report it as a bug. It’s Steinberg who must fix it.