Searching for a Desk Keyboard stand

Hello everybody!

I am looking for a Keyboard stand that I would like to place on top of my desk with some inclination.

Right now I have the keyboard on a floor stand under my desk, but I would like to have it available when I need it without having to slide it from under the desk.

I can’t just place it on top of the desk because I need it to have at least some kind of inclination.

It’s something like this:

But this is made to be placed on another keyboard stand not on a desk.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

The desk:

Hey Will,

Nice setup you have there.

I’m a DIY guy to a fault. For starters, I’d put the keyboard up on the desk, cut some strips of cardboard and layer up under the back of the keyboard until you get the height/angle you want. Live with it a few days as it will give you a lot insight to what you really want, which maybe something totally different. Once you decide on the angle, make some wedges; wood (my fav), cardboard, foam packing material, etc. Wrap the wedges in; black duck tape, fabric, or paint black (black blends in and shouldn’t be noticed under the keyboard. Possibly put some non-slip material on the wedges if necessary. Could also use those wedges from your Auralex speaker pads. Take the 50 bucks you save and buy a lava lamp :stuck_out_tongue:

Just my 2cents,

Yes, this doesn’t look like a “buy something” so much as a “prop it up with a couple of books” :slight_smile:
Certainly try that before commiting. You may regret losing your desk space.

You’re right, I use that space for other things (this is my home office desk also), I just need the keyboard ready to use when I need it. I will give this more thought.


Willynanita, I wish I knew what it’s called but there is a cantilevered device on springs and brackets. You would mount the brackets to the bottom side of your desk and place your keyboard on the shelf tucked away below your desktop. When you need the keyboard, you simply pull the shelf out from the bottom of the desk and it would become level with the top sides of the desk with the depth of your keyboard and it’s’ shelf will be extended in front of you.

Once it is no longer needed, you release the catch and press the shelf (with keyboard) back under the desk. Try kitchen cabinet places or online catalogs…my mom had this for her kitchen aid mixer which she could never lift…this made it perfect for her to pull up and out and the tuck away.

I built my own desk with a drawer. Not the fancy type that comes up like Knuckle describes but I wouldn’t even need that because half of the time I just extend the drawer to reveal the keys, I don’t always need access to all the keyboard controls.

It’s not hard to build but you’ll have to check if the measurements of your current desk allow for it, it might become too low to fit your knees under the table :wink:
The heavy duty drawer rails I got from a regular DIY center for around €15,-, all else you need is some screws and a well cut plank :wink:

If you can use a corner, an L-desk is probably your best solution. Unless, of course, you have a super-treated “pro-level” room and you want your desk to be right in the middle of it (as it should be.)

Something like this:

Or you can put your keyboard on a laptop cart and tuck it underneath the deck when you’re not using it.

Those foam wedges underneath your speakers may work for him too.