Sebastian v1.20

I’m making available version 1.20 of Sebastian.

Dorico currently installs v.1.09, and there have been a number of improvements since then.

These include fixes to variable trill lines and arpeggios, improved spacing between dynamics and expressive text, and some of the glyphs have been improved, such as articulations and the pedal-up star!

I’m also using a new method of creating the JSON metadata, which hopefully is more accurate and comprehensive than before.

This is kind of a test release, just to kick the tyres and see if I’ve forgotten anything, or if something has come loose. Hopefully, you shouldn’t notice too much of a difference!

Sebastian (290.9 KB)


Hello @benwiggy,

Bravo! Well done, Ben!
Keep improving this nice font!

Here is the feedback of mine.
A quick comparison between Sebastian and Bravura:

When Sebastian is applied, the stems in the second bar move higher than Bravura’s example. To me, the Bravura’s way is the more correct one here.
On the other side I find the tremolo, the accidentals and the articulation text in Sebastian nicer and easier for reading compared to Bravura.

Congratulations for the great job you are doing on this font!

Best wishes,

I think you’ll just have to use different settings in Engraving Options. The Sebastian tremolo flags are very slightly taller; it may be pushing them to the next staff line position.

The Sebastian font is lovely! I find when I use dynamics like cresc. poco a poco that the font doesn’t appear in italics. Is that on purpose?

Screenshot 2024-07-23 at 9.11.23 PM

Sebastian is the music font. If you clicked the box to use Sebastian’s text fonts of choice, then you should be using Nepomuk for text. Check the Font Style for Dynamics Text and see what it’s set to; and make sure you have Nepomuk Italic is enabled on your system.

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Thank you, that works!