second activation code

Hi, all good?
I bought Retrologue yesterday. I would need to install it in my second computer.
How can I get a second activation code to install it in my other computer too?
Thank u very much.

buy a 2nd copy.

Purchasing a dongle would be ok though wouldn’t it?
So that deon could install on 2 Machines but only use on one at a time?

yep, that works too

no need to buy another dongle cause your license can be only on one USB Sstick ! install as many computer you want & plug your USB Stick ! use only one in the same time, but install it everywhere you want !

sorry, I misconstrued your statement … homestudio is correct. I took your post to mean you were using the soft registration, not a dongle. You only need 1 dongle that you move between computers. As he said, you can install on as many as you like, but you have to attach the dongle to the one you want to use. Having 2 dongles doesn’t work as you have to go through de-reg/reg process in order to use the other dongle. Which takes way more time than just moving the 1 dongle.