Second-hand UR28M license issue

I’ve bought a second-hand UR28M which works flawlessly in every aspect except using the VST versions of the Morphing Channel Strip, RevX or Guitar Amplifiers.

Trying to use the plugins in Cubase causes a “eLicenser(s) contain(s) no valid license…” error. The Basic FX Suite v1.0 is installed. I’ve tried the Activation Code for REV-X and channel strip that was included but this seems to have been used by the previous owner. I didn’t find an activation code for the Guitar Amplifiers. How can I activate the VST versions together with my eLicenser (used with Cubase 6)?

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Oh, and I’ve seen this thread: and successfully registered the hardware in my Steinberg account.

Anyone from Steinberg here that could point me in the right direction?

Check out the manual, I think I may remember something about that when in Cubase, Rev-X and Morphing strip are used via the hardware channels, not as plugins?

Hmm, I can’t find that piece of information. Generally, I wouldn’t think that I’m limited to using the DSP effects on the incoming signal (hardware channels). More specifically, this is what is stated on the firmware update page for the UR28M:

"VST 3 version included: Basic FX Suite

The version 2.0 update also features the Basic FX Suite, a software bundle consisting of VST Plug-ins of various effects and sound processing tools developed by Yamaha. The Basic FX Suite consists of three software components: Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip, REV-X, and Guitar Amp Classics.

All plug-ins are available as 32-/64-bit versions for Windows and Mac OS X Intel."

I’m aware that in order to use the DSP-based version of the Guitar Amplifiers on an input channel in Cubase, I need to upgrade to Cubase 6.5.5 ( What I want to do is use the VST-based effects, on any previously recorded signal, as a normal VST plug-in.

With the exception of Rev-X, the other effects (Channel Strip, Amp sims) are hardware based (in the UR) and not offered as separate VST plugins. What you seem to be describing is re-amping if I understand you correctly, and this is possible, but through the hardware.
If your problem is in fact license based, then you’re probably best to open a support request in your “My Steinberg” account in this regard.

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Just trying to get to the bottom this - in this thread (, it is clearly stated on page 5 in the PDF that both the reverb and channel strip are included as VST plugins. In the FW update mentioned earlier, the guitar amps are also stated as being available as VST plugins.

That said, I’ll take your advice and start a support issue directly towards Steinberg regarding the license problem.

Very sorry, my mistake, the Channel strip, GA Classics as well as the RevX are indeed all included as plugins.
I was confusing myself with another issue which is that the DSP RevX is solely for direct monitoring and cannot be recorded, hence the inclusion of the plugin version, and I’d forgotten about the other plugins.