Second pass on MIDI track does not extend length


New user here (coming from SONAR).

This is a small thing but knowing the answer will help my workflow.

When I record part of a MIDI track then go back and record more (on the same track) beyond the original length, I have to manually extend (click and drag) the end of the highlighted bar to have the new notes included. Is there a way for this to be done automatically? It’s not a big deal but having to drag the end of the bar seems like an extra step.

Thanks for all info.

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Other than recording, which will have the track automatically extend, I know of no way to make a part automatically extend.

You can draw in more measure with the pencil tool or use the selection bar to reduce/extend the length of the part.

If your first record a part of say, six measure, you can shorten the part to fewer bars and the notes now not in use are automatically muted, but not removed from the part. If you want to remove the notes, use the Split Tool, create a split and delete the unneeded measures.

If you set Left/Right Locators and then double click on a Track, an empty range is created on the track between the locators.

Good luck with the transition. I came to Cubase from Sonar just a few years ago and it took some time to fully adapt to Cubase, but, ultimately, I like it more than Sonar and I’m glad I made the switch.

hello there

I do not quite follow… but, select the “glue” tool … the more you click, the more you glue…

multiple clicks will glue consecutivley from left to right -
selecting all events by click+hold+drag from empty space to events will select all and only one glue clilck is needed for multiple events

Hope this helps…

Thanks, Stephen57 and Clark Kennt!

You’re very welcome. Also, to add to what Clark said above, check out the “Tool Modifiers” for split and glue.

With the Modifier, you can split an entire track in one shot. Useful if you have a part that is, say, 32 measures, and you want to work with it in eight measure segments.