Second set of bar numbers for repeat section

How do I get a second row of bar numbers for a long repeated section like this?

I’ve searched engraving options but I can’t figure it out.

Have a look in Layout Options, those bar number shenanigans are meant to be Layout-specific if need be!


P.S.: And there seems to be a section in Engraving Options as well, you’ll need to set both!

Info here.

Thanks @Lillie_Harris!
Where are the menus/settings/options for this?

Erm? @YourMusic.Pro has already told you! And it is in the documentation link!

The help documentation doesn’t specify where the settings are found…
But I’ll check out what @YourMusic.Pro suggested.

All documentation follows the same format… Description of concepts, then links to show how those concepts are implemented. Follow the link!

In both “options” dialogs, it’s literally under “bar numbers”… :wink:

It CAN be tricky to learn where exactly and in which options section things can be found, but you will get there!


Thanks Benji!
Maybe I’m just totally confused, but here are my settings:
Layout > Bar Numbers > Repeats > Count repeats > All repeats

Engraving Options > Repeats > Count repeats
But… I’m still only seeing one set of bar numbers.
What else do I need to do?

Was the correct layout selected in Layout Options before you set that option? Ie if you’re looking at the score, was the score layout selected?

If so, it will probably be easiest to share the project itself.

Bar repeat counts.dorico (633.5 KB)

Go to the Repeats page of Library > Playback Options and switch on Play repeats. I agree it’s non-obvious, but Dorico can only show repeats in bar numbers if it’s calculating the repeat playback sequence, which it only does when playback of repeats is enabled.


Well, I’ll be darned… :wink: Learned something AGAIN…


AHHH there it is. Thank you!

I did not catch this important little tidbit in the help documentation.

There wasn’t previously a note to clarify this (repeats being included in playback) was necessary for repeat bar numbers, but there will be soon as I added one today.