Second time only

Yes, and it is planned, as was mentioned earlier in this very thread.

Hello, I consider buying Dorico 4, now I am using demo, but missing the discussed here function, has it been implemented for now?

Welcome to the forum, @azatej. No, I’m afraid there has been no development in this direction in Dorico 4.

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Hi, I’m here too looking for the ability to just play back a second repeat of a section.

I believe you can use a playing technique that effectively turns off the playback (by transposing it out of range, or sending it to an unassigned MIDI channel) and later do the opposite to turn it back on . But the problem is there is no mechanism to execute a PT in any particular pass. If you are clever you may be about to insert the turn-off just before the repeated section and then insert the turn-on at the end of the first ending just before the repeat.

Alternatively, export stems to audio, placing the instruments that participate in the second-time-only into their own stem. It is pretty easy to take those stems into a DAW (or even Audacity) and silence the material you don’t want to hear.

It’s crazy they haven’t worked on this given that this is supposed to be the best music software ever and being so expensive… Even Musescore has this feature

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+1 one for this feature. It should totally exist. (For now I can do it with regular text)

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I’m also missing this feature. It’s not only about the playback; if a part is second time only, lyrics should continue in the second ending without showing all these dashes in the first ending.

Just checking back in to see if it’s working yet. Having to work very quickly on some new arrangements for print and it would be great right now to avoid creating duplicate flows just for this.
…but I’m still very happy to have completed my move away from Sib!

There has been no “second time only” capability added, since there has been no update released AFAIK since July 12–and those Version History notes are freely available.

If this capability interests you, you should keep track of updates and read the Version History’s. I have no doubt that when the Dorico Team adds such a capability, they will not try to hide it.

It’s Feb. 10, 2023. Any luck adding the “Play 2nd-X Only” (3rd-4th, etc.) feature yet?!

No, as yet this has not been added to the software.

Thanks for the quick response. Waiting with baited breath!

Me too. I’m really wondering what is so difficult about adding this feature. See this as a compliment team; the awesomeness of Dorico is incredible and you spoil us with incredibly intelligent features. The more reason non-tech savy composers ask themselves: “Why is this not already there? Come On?” :wink:

One of the reasons might be that there are incredibly many possible repeat structures, and Dorico needs to do them all well.


I am also missing this second time only -playback feature at the moment. Missing it very, very much.

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It’s easy to play the piano, you just press the keys you want at the right time.

A simple concept does not mean a simple execution. How, and where, do you hold the data for the things you want to be different on the 2nd time? How, and when, does Dorico check which repeat it is, and then implement the data for that turn?
And this is still at the conceptual level, without knowledge of how the existing code for playback and repeats works.

The other question is: if they should have already added this feature, which other feature should they NOT have worked on instead?


Definitely. Other notation programs that have offered this feature have not even tried to cover the broad range of cases. One could argue that the user base would be well served with even a minimal implementation of “first time only.”

But for better or worse, this is not the Dorico way. Time after time, the Dorico team has decided to not put out half-solutions, and instead took the extra time to deliver really elegant solutions that ultimately thrilled the users.

I’d love to have even a half-baked solution because this comes up so frequently in my work. But I have confidence that when this is delivered, it will be done very well.

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Is this in Dorico 5? Definitely looking forward to having this feature!

I’m starting to write minimalist ‘recipe’ scores - directions with basic musical materials, and am trying to use this to make a mock-up as an example.

Yes, of a fashion. There is a new property for “Suppress on Passes” or something like that. It does exactly what it says. In other words, this affects playback only. You still must add your own instructions for the musicians. Considering there are so many different conventions for this, there would probably be endless debates if this Dorico feature attempted to suppress the playback and also add the instructions.