Second transport on second display

I like to have piano roll open on my second display together with F2 transport at the bottom. So far i could not get transport stay on the second display. Am i missing something?


When exactly does the Transport Panel jumps back to the main screen?

It disappears as soon as i let go the click,


What are the resolutions of the screens? Are they the same?

Is it Windows 10?

windows 10 64 bit
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 TI
3840 x 2160 30Hz
1920 x 1200 60Hz

Piano roll will sit there, i can double click to make it full screen or smaller window no problem. But transport won’t


My expectation is that the Transport panel jumps out of the screen because of the different resolutions.

So if you move it over the bottom side of the higher resolution screen, it’s still visible until the mouse pointer is at the bigger screen. But once you are on the other screen, it jumps out of the visible area, because the 2nd screen has no so many pixels. Please, try to drag it over the center of the screen or over the to side.

If it does work, attach the screenshot of the Displays setup, please.

I did your suggestion and i can stay on between displays. You maybe want to see how did it go. Thanks


It seems, there is more over the window snap involved. Could you please attach a screenshot of your Display Settings (arrange of your displays)?

Yes sure


Sorry, I was thinking something, what is really called Display Settings in Windows.


Thank you. As we can see from the Display Setup, your screen on the right side is much smaller and it’s in the upper part of your left screen. Therefore I would recommend to drag the windows over the upper part of the screen.

Hello, thanks for your help. As you suggested transport will stay on the top of the screen. Now transport sometimes fits correct resolution but sometimes looks giant on the second display. But that’s ok, i can live with that