Second USB eLicense

I received a USB eLicense when I bought my first copy of Dorico (crossgrade from Sibleius) which I never used because I already had an eLicense for Cubase and Halion 6, etc.

Found some original song content on an old laptop the other day in the form of *.all files which (obviously) can’t be opened by windows media player or VLC, etc.

I have an un-activated copy of Cubase AI 7 so I was wondering if I could register this other USB eLicense on another laptop and then install and activate Cubase AI 7 so I can try to open these files? Is this a possibility or is there some other (generic) APP I can DL to accomplish the same thing?

Regarding the other (unused) USB eLicense, there is no info on the Dorico crossgrade box
indicating the eLicense number, just the activation code for Dorico. Where would I find the number for the eLicense?


Edit: When I try to open some of them with VLC I get the following error message.

MIDI synthesis not set up: A sound font file (.SF2) is required for MIDI synthesis.

Please install a sound font and configure it from the VLC preferences (Input / Codecs > Audio codecs > FluidSynth).

Codec not supported: VLC could not decode the format “MIDI” (MIDI Audio)

Resolved the issue with info from this website.

Still curious about the other USB eLicense and Cubase AI 7.

This could possibly be of interest to you …

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