Secondary beam position in cross staff problem

Hi. How can I make the first secondary beam to go down?

2018-06-02 (1).png

It’s basically a bug. You may have luck cross-staffing the other way (starting in the top staff rather than the bottom staff, or vice-versa) but equally you may not.

The team are aware of it and it’s on the list of things to do (and has been for a while) - it certainly hasn’t been fixed in v2.0.

After 21 scenes and recitatives, Dorico (1.2) was perfect so far. In the last one, this thing happens…

Anyone knows a workaround?

There genuinely isn’t one. I’m sorry.

I managed to do it. Thanks for your help.

How? I really really would like to know!

And so would I!

Hi guys, sorry for the late response. I was in a hurry to finish this score.

Once I read in the MuseScore forum: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. :smiley:

My workaround has some assumptions:

  1. I don’t care about playback at all (at least in this work);
  2. My goal is always to get the best visual results possible, so what is important to me is what I can get, no matter how;
  3. It may not be a good workaround, since it is not a default behavior of Dorico;
  4. It may not be possible to do in other cases;
  5. This is the last thing to do in the process of engraving because if you change spacing you may have to do all the tweekings again.

Knowing that,

What I did was to use two voices. The first one goes from D to F, the second one from F to A in the other staff. In this case, the first F is only a semiquaver (16th) and the second F is a dotted semiquaver (16th). Both F’s I applied the Voice column index attribute in engrave mode to the same value to make sure the notes will be over each other. And finally I manually changed the angle of the beams to align as perfect as my eye could get. And this is the result:

2018-06-06 (1).png

It should definitively possible to achieve that without such a (graphical) workaround. I’m confident the devs will deal with it — as soon as more urgent things are done, obviously !