Secondhand CUBASE7 EDU activation

Help me experts


  1. Bought secondhand CUBASE 7 EDU

  2. Seller entered(in other terms, ‘replaced’) my e-mail address in his Steinberg account and gave it to me.

  3. After installation, I forgot to insert the usb dongle=> cubase forced me to do ‘start activation’

  4. So I tried activation process: Inserted dongle, entered activation code(mix of digits and numbers, total 32 characters), etc.
    => but the code has been already used(please refer to the picture 1)

5. I clicked cancel activation with the sense of anger and fear, and tried to run CUBASE7 again. Interestingly, it worked well.

6. But I am afraid whether the activation is finished correctly.

Even the steinberg website keeps saying that activation code has been used already and I can’t register my cubase also.refer to the picture 2 and 3)

What should I do now? Although the cubase works fine, but I am afraid that someday the dongle will broke down or cubase requires activation again.

Please help me

Each activation code can only be used once. After that the license is on the dongle, which is why your Cubae works.
The only problem you might run into is the fact, that an educational license is personalised, and must not be resold by the original buyer, unless it has been updated to a standard license by the original buyer.

Thanks soooo much!!

But then what should I do to prepare for the breakdown of the dongle?

Since my dongle seems quite weak and unstable, I think I need a new one.

Is it possible to trasnfer(?) my license/information if I buy new dongle from steinberg? Is it impossible since it’s a EDU version?

There is a in depth eLicenser FAQ on the Stenberg page, and plenty of posts about it on the forums