Section in wrong chapter


In the “VST Instruments” chapter, I think the “Import and Export options” section, on p.606 is more suitable for the “MediaBay” chapter. This section is not really related to the “VSTI Instruments” chapter, in my opinion.
Just a suggestion! :wink:

This has a direct bearing on VST Instruments!
Mediabay is so central to Cubase it pops up in almost all sections.
Should, for example, Track Preset info be removed from the Track handling section and put in the Mediabay chapter?

The Operation Manual is in dire need of a complete revision I agree, but this is not wrong. I suppose one could reorganize the section into the Mediabay and use a reference link in the VST Instrument section. But would we do this throughout the manual?

I think the Mediabay chapter is as it should be - concentrating on operation and handling about and within the medeabay itself (as well as its variation windows), and leave the category specific information in the sections and chapters to which they belong.