Section Player, solo player, singular, plural.

Hi, I cannot see any difference between a section player and a solo player, except for the different icons in setup.
Moreover, in Edit Instrument Names there is a Plural Name to enter. When is this used?
Is this for a functionality in the future or do I overlook something?

A “Section” Player plays one instrument throughout. (You don’t have an entire violin section suddenly switching to Violas during a performance–at least not normally.)

An “Individual” player can switch instruments. (A flute player might switch to Alto Flute or Piccolo during a movement, and a Reed player in a pit band might make any number of switches.) The Individual player allows one to set up multiple instruments for the player; these appear on separate staves in Galley mode, and Dorico realizes the switch from instrument to instrument automatically in Page and Print modes.

There is certainly more functionality to come in the future in this area – for example, there is currently no support for divisi, which is the main reason for the differentiation between solo and sectional players.

Ok, so now I see indeed the lack of the “plus” sign with the section players. So what about de singular name edit with section players and plural name edit with solo players? In general I don’t see the plural names being used somewhere.
By the way, I do like the solution of separate staves in Galley mode very much, though I did not yet succeed in writing for divisi strings: I can’t get the names right and the switching between one full section and divisi staves.

Plural names are not yet used, but they will optionally be used for section players in future.

Thks, our replies crossed.