SectralLayers (One) 7 - Windows GUI design and controls


why is the GUI of SL7 so differnt from any other Windows application? It almost looks like it is on a Mac! The Windows title bar is smaller not following Windows scaling, icon on the most left upper corner poorly “glued” into the bar to look little like a Mac again. Also the controls are cumbersome. As a Steinberg user I am used to hit “Num 0” for instance to playback etc. Nothing is like that in SL7.

What’s that for? Not really felling like home inside SL7…

I’m not sure there’s only one Steinberg design - for instance Cubase/Nuendo feels and looks quite different to Wavelab, which itself looks quite different from Dorico. SL is closer to Wavelab in its title bar approach.
The whole SL design and workflow is inspired by Photoshop’s layout, as it intends to edit audio like you would edit pictures.
You can customize shortcuts in Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts.

Thanks for the explaination. I was more talking about the appearance. That doesn’t look like Photoshop to me either, since in my Photoshop E 12 the title bar and drop down menus follow the Windows design. SL is really looking like GUi from a Mac was applied to Windows but it didn’t work well.
Hope it will never come to Cubase!