See all channels routed to an FX channel

Hey guys,

I have an FX channel to which many instruments channels are routed. Is there a quick way to see what channels are routed to that FX channel, other than go over each channel in my project and check?

Thanks in advance

Yes. You can do that in the Channel Settings


Thanks a lot!

Anyway the graphics looks funny… Old GUI… :smiley:

How so? It’s C11.0.40

Maybe it’s your turquoise focus. (said the man with the red one)

Hej Omer1,

to Rainos solution there is another one if you are in the mixer: select the channel and

  • either right click the track and go to
  • or use the visibilty menu and go to
    “Show Channels that are Connected to the First Selected Channel”
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Same here. I think it is a GUI bug or they forgot to change. The “2 sources button” is still old design,