See frozen tracks MIDI events as AUDIO (and move them around)

I would like to be able to freeze a track and then, see the Midi events transformed into audio in order to see the waveform.

Then, it will be awesome to be able to move these events around in order to improve the sync between different tracks.

I’ve been using Studio One 5 demo and it does EXACTLY what I asked here (you have to freeze in order to make it happen, but it happens).

When you freeze and instrument (you make it into audio) the Midi Clips are displayed as audio clips and you can move them for better sync. You can unfreeze then the track and the changes you did remain.

This is exactly what I would like to see in Cubase.

read the manual first

I’ve read it, now what? Could you be less cryptic?

If you think I’m asking Cubase to freeze tracks… well, I know Cubase can freeze tracks and I use it a lot. It’s not what I’m asking for. If it’s the case, please read better my post.

In the other hand, if there is a way to do what I’m asking for, please tell me. I’ve read the link you post and … well, it just says “hey, you can freeze a track to unload VST” which I already knew and use. So, if I’m wrong, please correct me.

the audio content of the frozen track is located under …\project folder\Freezes


You can freely move frozen files in Live and you can drag them to other audio tracks as well so the FR makes sense

st10ss, I think you haven’t understand the request.

When you freeze a track, it is rendered in a folder. However, in your project you can’t see the waveform as you do with common audio files.

First, seeing the waveform when you freeze the track.
Second, instead of freezing all the track into one archive, freeze the clips individually in order to being able to move them for better sync (like in Studio One 5). So if you unfreeze the track, your edits are still active.

I did understand the request
for now you can import the frozen audio content (it is already there and is located in the Freezes folder) into the project and handle it like every other audio file

Thank you st10ss for the info!

It’s true you can import the frozen audio (as any audio) but then you lose the magic of frozen tracks. Nonetheless, It’s better than nothing.

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