See Me Coming (C6-12)

Wa-hey! Finally got a mix where the meters didn’t pop on me in the final chorus! Hopefully without losing too much of the sound. I’ve tried to incorporate the very helpful suggestions I got on the last thread for version 9 at Just want to know if people think it’s heading in the right direction, especially the drums.

Main changes (other than eq and comp on just about everything):

  • Bass is now through an amp and has been slightly edited.
  • BD has been thinned out a bit and the groove tweaked.
  • SN slightly earlier and velocity reduced
  • Delay added to the end of the organ solo
  • EG drive and top end taken off

The older versions are: (the first new version) (posted ages ago)

Well, see what you think and let me know. I’m gonna give my ears a rest and come back to it in the morning. Cheers all,

Hi, I reckon that is a good song with possibilities ( as I said before ) but IMHO you need to make it NOT sound like country joe and the fish at woodstock…but then again…you never know, that’s the great thing about music…you just never know.

:open_mouth: That’s the last people I thought it sounded like! Don’t worry, I don’t mind the comparison but I’m gonna have to give it another listen now…

sorry don’t mean any offence but to me it’s got that vibe…

Don’t be sorry, none taken :wink:

I think it’s improved. Nice job on the bass, it fits better. Doesn’t remind me of Country Joe and The Fish at all, though.

Cheers, good to hear all that, especially about CJ&TF! The substantial change to the bass was to move the narrow 400Hz-ish boost to around 1.1k. Made it speak a bit clearer and stopped the levels popping - I think it was resonating with quite a bit of stuff. Now I have no lo-shelf and just a scoop at 220Hz, which I had before but I was trying to do too much else down there, methinks.