[See Pic] Question: what does this symbol mean?

Hey guys, I grew up working on SX2. Then I quit the production game for a while, and now I’m back rocking Cubase Artist 6. Getting great results and excellent feedback, but I’m by no means a guru just yet…

One thing I’ve noticed doing collabs with other artists (that have other DAW’s) is that when I load their WAV tracks into my project, is that Cubase will almost refuse to play anymore, like it is too overloaded… And then I notice one small difference: their tracks have this little “wave symbol” in the upper right corner (see pic below). :open_mouth:

:arrow_right: So my questions are:

  1. What does it mean? And is it in fact relevant to the problem?
  2. If so: how do I fix it, so I can get back to work?


That means that Musical Mode is enabled on the clip. If the files are a different BPM, you will want to keep Musical Mode enabled. If they’re the same BPM, you can go into the Pool and uncheck the Musical Mode box.

Thanks for your answer! Although… are you sure that’s the problem? Because, as I went into the pool, I noticed that the “musical mode” was already off on all the tracks. And when I switched it on, all those tracks got a little musicnote icon next to the wave thingy (and the lines also shrunk). I’ve made another pic of this:

You’re right. That note symbol represents Musical Mode. The wave symbol represents that the event has been time stretched in some way. Try Audio → Realtime Processing → Unstretch Audio.

Aha! A clue!
:laughing: Seriously, I think you’re on to something. I guess the name “real-time-processing” means that it was never actually time-stretched, but rather in a sort of limbo where the computer was constantly processing a sort of “fake” timestretch in. It would explain why it looked so overly busy on playing back a few simple tracks. Now all I need is to figure out where I went wrong… Thanks for the info!