"Seeing" Incoming MIDI CCs


Is there some way to “see” or otherwise tell what MIDI CC’s are coming in?

I have this M-Audio Oxygen61 midi controller/keyboard which seems to be otherwise set up correctly - can play notes, transport controls work, knobs assignable, etc - but the 9 sliders that SHOULD map to the corresponding volume sliders on the mixer don’t work. Actually 3 of them (the first 2 plus the master, aka #9) do, but the rest - nothing.

I believe I have the remote set up properly. Everything else seems to work, and when I move the suspect sliders the “MIDI In” meter moves appropriately. But, nothing happens on the slider. I therefore assume that what’s happening is that the device is sending in CC messages, but they are some other number than what would be expected or currently mapped to control the volume sliders. Ergo, I was wondering if there was some way I could tell what the incoming data was. I figure I can control the mapping if I just know what the “from” value is.

Good times.

Win 7 64-bit|Core i5/6GB RAM|Cubase Artist 6.5.3 64-bit

Ok, I got the sliders to work although it was irrelevant of my question about determining incoming CCs (which would still be cool!).

I had to push the sliders to the max postion in order to get them to “grab ahold” of the sliders in the mixer, which sort of makes sense since this way they both start at the same relative position.

Onward, etc etc.

You can see all incoming data by selecting the “MIDI monitor” as a MIDI insert on a MIDI channel.
Make sure to enable the “Inputs” button, “Live Events” and “Controller” to see the CC’s.

Cool! Thanks for the tip niles!