seeing picc part in fl part as doubled instrument

wow. this has not been a good day (did take too much cardio meds that did make things turn).
I am writing an chorus and orch piece. need to double first fl with picc and can see both in galley view, but just
can’t remember how to see just the picc part in what is given to the first fl when it is necessary. I know that I had
understood this (I think).

Do not forget that you add Players in Setup mode, not instruments…
You still can create a new layout in Setup mode (right panel), and you add Picc. only. Not sure it will work if the same player has two instruments though… You might have to create a new player, copy-paste all the piccolo music and select him in your new layout.

aha. when I added a picc instrument to the flute player, chose gallery view and added the flute part, it shows up in the flute part as a single line but marked picc. Now I remember. what else will I forget? this works well; but just have to remember the route.