Seeing Project BPM on Control Bar

For the love of god. I am feeling pretty stupid. Nonetheless, I can’t see the BPM anywhere? I can’t get it to show up in the bottom panel where everyone else seems to be able to see it.
Cubase Elements 10
Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6
I have searched in Forums, Googled it and just can’t find the answer.
I am sure it is so simple that no-one has even had an issue. Must be just me.
So with complete humility I beg of you. Help.
How can I get the BPM to show up permanently in the bottom panel so I can change the project or set the project tempo (and see it down the bottom all the time)
I am completely new to cubase.
I would greatly appreciate some help.
Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

The Tempo is shown in the Transport panel (dedicated window) or the Transport Bar (at the bottom). If you don’t see it, right-click on it ad enable Tempo & Time Signature, please.

Hi Thanks,
I had Enable Tempo and Time Sig selected but it still didn’t show on the transport bar. I ended up getting rid of some stuff on the transport bar and it popped in. Apparently, I had an overload of tools down there. Anyway, thanks for your help.