Seeking 6.5 Install Version

I currently own Cubase 5.5 and only want to upgrade to v6.5 because my system is not compatible with v7 yet. Also I have v5.5 projects to complete and do not want compatibilty issues due to new mixer, 3rd party plugins not working etc.

v6.5 is still available on eBay but only the full retail version which is around $400. As I cannot locate a 6.5 upgrade version is it therefore possible to purchase an upgrade from v5 to v7 and get the 6.5 install discs from somewhere?

You can download 6.5 from steinberg .
A cubase 7 license allows you to install all previous versions…


Thanks, is that the full install version though? Normally Steinberg supply the program on disc and then you download the updates? I’m guessing I would need to install v6 first and then apply the 6.5v update?

Sorry for all this talk of v6 in the v7 forum but the topic covered v5, v6 and v7 so wasn’t sure where best to post. :slight_smile:

Not as simple as that.

Ah, i see now… mac or pc? - - there is a trial dmg for 6… maybe someone else can chime in but if you have a license/dongle , it might turn into a full version?

or, maybe steinberg would be kind enough to send you an iso…

or someone else with a faster upload than i have? :wink:

stay strong! =)

p.s. get a new system when you can… c7 rox :wink:

I’m on a PC.

I would like to move up to 7 asap but just remember my upgrade from SX3 to Cubase 5 left a lot of projects that I couldn’t load properly due to some plugins no longer working. Also I have a lot of older projects that I want to go back to and improve with all the great new plugins I have bought recently and I know from this past experience that opening them on a different install version was fraught with problems. Now with the totally new mix console I think that will only increase the likelihood of that happening.

Open your projects in Safe mode, will do the trick so you can assign new plugins :sunglasses:

You need to make a support request to Steinberg for new discs. When I lost mine, they sent them within 48 hrs, no charge.

Seems like he does not even have old discs…

Windows 6.5 download on the page below…this works as full version with a C7 licence on your dongle.

Yes, correct I only have install discs for Cubase 5. My idea was to purchase the Cubase 7 upgrade but only install 6.5 to start with until I am system and project ready for v7. Somehow I would need to get hold of the 6.5 install disc or download an iso as I would only have the license.
Is this forum for Steinberg support or do I go elsewhere? NI kindly sent me discs in the past when I needed them so maybe Steinberg would do the same? Especially since I have been using it since Pro24 days. :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Screentan … any joy with this installer?

I downloaded it last night (1.8Gb) but not yet ready to install it yet as my current OS is only XP still. I need to get a new more powerful Win 7 system to run the newer Cubase versions and also because my current system is maxing out cpu wise. My thinking is to first install Cubase 6.5 on the new system for greater compatibility with my existing v5 projects that are still to be completed, finish my current work in progress projects using Cubase 6.5 and the the new Win 7 system cpu and ram power and then when I clear my current project backlog, install Cubase 7 for new projects starting from scratch.

Ok cheers … we have it downloaded now and will try it in the next day or two … will let you know if it works.