Seeking Advice on Developing VST Plugin Idea


I have an idea for a VST plugin (or possibly standalone software) designed for songwriters and composers. I believe it would be highly beneficial and well-received by many musicians, especially if integrated into Steinberg’s products like Cubase, Nuendo, Dorico, and Cubasis.

As an enthusiastic programmer (though not experienced in VST programming), I’m unsure about the best approach to proceed. Should I seek collaboration with someone who has expertise in VST development, or should I reach out directly to the Steinberg team to gauge their interest in my idea?

I’d appreciate any advice or insights on how to move forward with this project.

Thank you!


They are a company that fits the description above, so you can include them in your reaching out.

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Thank you.

Is there an email to contact Steinberg about it?

Probably the way to go is to use
Good luck.

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Thank you so much. I just sent them an email:)