Seeking Help for Notating Saxophone Effects in Dorico

Good afternoon, my friends who use and develop Dorico.
I am currently using the latest version of Dorico with Noteperformer.
I am writing an arrangement for a Big Band and in a particular section, I need to notate the saxophones in “Subtone”.

Would anyone be able to tell me how to notate this and, if possible, how to enable this effect in playback?

Thank you very much!

Just write “subtone” and we’ll know what to do! Obviously this is usually in the lower register with a dynamic of mp or softer. Playback will depend on your sample library.

Thank you so much for your response! Your suggestion to simply write “subtone” in the score and use a dynamic of mp or softer in the lower register is very helpful. I’ll keep in mind that the playback will depend on the sample library I’m using. Thanks again!

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