Seeking one on one support with WL 8

Hi. I’m no expert sound engineer, but I’ve been producing radio docos for around 15 years. Switched from Ptools to WL upon the recommendations of folk at ABC Radio National due to difficulties transferring date. Wondering if this is the right decision.

I’ve produced dozens of radio piece with WL and am moderately comfortable in montage. I have tried to to training where it’s on offer but find the online WL manual difficult to follow and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t go back to PTools. Last night I really stuffed up a presentation using WL where an effect I thought I’d turned off came back and back. Plus there were some notable audio delays in playback - glitches. As as a mere freelancer who doesn’t have a pool of support available, I’m very keen to know a range of things like:
what the relation between the mastering and montage is and why I need to use mastering at all
How to turn plugins off and on with clips and tracks.
How to have more control over the cursor, loops etc
And more…
I’f there is anyone out there who’d be so good to give me a few pointers, some one on one tuition, I’d be more than happy to pay.