Seeming overall improvement in audio quality in 8

Although there are a lot of pieces to my current listening puzzle (I had Wavelab 7 on 4 different computers- a laptop, quad core desk top and 8 core descktop with Win 7, and a quad core XP machine…both the last two have Lynx AES16 I/Os), and I am listening fairly intensely now on a machine that was mostly seeing duty as a video editor prior to this, I think I am hearing some fairly significant improvements in the resolution of what is coming out the pipe from Wavelab 8 as compared to Wavelab 7.

Part of the reason I am saying this is that I am hearing things on my primary quality listening setup (Dynaudio BM15As being fed by Dangerous Audio “The Monitor” converters) that I could not hear in this environment before, and only heard on my friend’s Meyers X10s (also fed by “The Monitor”) via Wavelab 6.

The difference is dramatic enough that I don’t think any of the other changed elements could really be responsible for it, so it must be the audio engine programming.

Suffice it to say, I am truly grateful!

Thanks so much for the change! This makes my life a lot easier, and a lot more fun!..and the new tools are much more intelligible when the output is that much more solid and well defined.

The first hint I had that this was true was the incredibly obvious changes that occurred when I changed clocking/syncing sources. This is stuff which I am already pretty sensitive to, but the difference was suddenly not very subtle at all.

Despite any other bugs that may cross my path, WL 8 is a winner for me.