Seems 7.04 has a bunch of nice fixes!

a bunch of the bigger bugs now have [ fixed in 7.04 ] now…

sorry if this has been mentioned already! :slight_smile: i’m happy that the mixer resizing bug and the missing channel names bug
have been fixed! those are the 2 main issues that made me roll back to 7.03


Wonder when that’ll be?

That’s good news … however I really hope they will manage to fix this:

I’m really tired of having to click 4-6 times to get the plugins in front of the mixer :frowning:.
A single click should bring the plugin to front imo!
and please make the plugin cell change color when the plugin is up front!



uumm not many considering the amount of annoyances there are

I couldnt agree with you more. Its basically useless now to work with 2 or more monitors, because of all the clicking!

I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but the quadruple click facility introduced by Steinberg has one very positive side-effect: makes one of the fingers very masculine. During the last couple of months, one of my fingers gained lots of weight and it’s now strong and the muscles are very defined. I have to say though, this makes the other fingers jealous.

Thank you Steiny for making my hands so gloriously unsymmetrical!

Pharmacist– I have seen less increase in finger mass than you describe. What brand steroid are you using?

I stay away from steroids my friend, and I strongly recommend you do the same.

key to success is the right exercise, open up lots of plugins, put mixer on top of them, and try to bring the plugins back, by clicking numerous times on the blue boxes that represent them. you should see results in no-time! :laughing:

roll back to 7.03? 7.04 isn’t out, so how did you do that?

sorry typo i meant roll back from 7.03

any date for release 7.04?

praying for a video lag fix

I went back to C6.5, so I’ll let them take their time. When it’s ready it’s ready. :unamused:

Looks good! But I sure hope there are more fixes than what appears there.

Dont count on it!

Fixes?? Who has time to fix stuff? We need more wizz-bang tools to impress beat-makers.

I’m sure Steinberg is very busy trying to compete with Native Instruments, Waves, and UAD.

I’m sure soon we will get a new VST synthesizer of some type…something that has already been created by NI years ago. I’m sure we will get improved EQ and compression…things Waves did 15 years ago, and with all the recent tape saturation offerings from UAD…Steinberg had better get on that right away or they are going to loose market share!

But fixing the new console so it doesn’t take so many mouse clicks? Naww…
Adding Key commands for the console to improve work flow? Key commands are an afterthought…maybe after lunch.
Fixing the console GUI including all the re-sizing issues? Why bother…that won’t attract new users.
Fixing vari-audio? Maybe…just before the release of Cubase 8.

True, but I understand greggybud’s frustration …