Segment pitch shift without processing

As a sound designer I would like a quick way of changing the pitch of a segment by stretching the size. No resampling or time stretching needed. This would be a huge tool for the sound designer.

I think it would add nicely to the arrangement window object selection tool. Currently there is a time stretch tool as the third selection. What if there was a pitch tool? At the root it would just change the sample rate, no fancy processing needed and it would be always non destructive. I guess resampling could be an option.

Some examples;
You could pull it out twice as long and it would be one octave down. It would be instant as no processing is needed.
You could pull it out and snap to other sound effect segments to match timings.
You could iterate faster and try things like stretching it way out. Currently the pitch shift plugin is capped at 16 semitones so it would help get around that boundary.

This sounds like a no brainer to me. I mean why does a DAW have think like a tape machine and keep things so locked, it is digital?

What do you think?


Bounce the section out to a new file (select and then choose Audio -> Bounce Selection). In the pool window change the warp algorithm to “elastique pro - tape”. Use the time stretch tool as before.

You can select the event use the transpose setting in the info-bar (top project window)
Or in the pool/offline: Process/resample


This just proves, if you ever have a problem or question, the best thing to do is ask for help. Thanks for asking Drew.

I can’t believe I’ve been wishing I had this feature for this long and the solution was right there…

Now I’m off to find out how to set the default algorithm to Tape rather than Time.


Thanks everyone. This is exactly what I wanted!

BTW my other name is drew_cady. Sorry for the delay on thanking you, we are getting ready to ship a game, :wink: